Sound Healing and Mantra Concert with Dakini Master Yuan Miao at Damanhur Federation in Italy

Join us for a rare evening of sound healing and mantra with Dakini Master Yuan Miao at Damanhur Federation in Italy! The Open Temple | Friday night 8.12 | 7 — 8pm. Damanhur is a unique, pioneering community founded upon the spirit of universality, artistry, spirituality and the vision for a new, creatively inspired and awakened humankind.

Return to your true nature and receive the high vibrational energy of Yuan Miao’s divine, mantric voice in the sacred space of Damanhur’s Open Temple. Yuan Miao carries the genes of enlightened masters from both Tibet and China. Her great grandfather was a concealed rinpoche in the Nyingma tradition, her grandfather a Zen master and her maternal grandmother, a dakini steeped in ancient, esoteric wisdom. Experience profound, transmissions of heart wisdom through the vehicles of: sound, mudra and mantra. Hear from the heart and elevate your consciousness! Ya la suo!

Event Information

Event Date 08-12-2016 7:00 pm
Event End Date 08-12-2016 8:00 pm
Location Damanhur Federation in Italy - The Open Temple
New Century Foundation
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