Phoenix Rising Concerts

The winged Phoenix bird revered in mythic legends around the world, is emblematic of the spiritual journey from death to rebirth. Phoenix energy supports the capacity of every human being to rise from the ashes of human existence to realize our infinite potential. As a symbol for the 21st century, the Phoenix inspires humanity to persevere along the path to enlightenment with great joy, compassion, and wisdom.

Phoenix bird

Phoenix Rising concerts offer sacred mantras and primordial healing sounds from Yuan Miao and the Phoenix Rising band. They compel us to be: simple, empty and awake. Opening our heart’s wisdom through the use of specific vibrational frequencies, these concerts invoke deep stillness, intuition and calmness of mind. 

By relaxing the body on multiple levels, Yuan Miao's skillful mantric voice heals the mind, nurtures the heart, and allows us to soar beyond the limits of mundane existence. 

The Phoenix Rising band is comprised of an extraordinary ensemble of sound healing musicians: 

Dakini Yuan Miao - Mantric Master
Heather Grace Powers - Musical Director, Piano/Keys/Guitar/Vocals
Jason Michael Powers - Co-producer, Vocals/Flute
Eddie Young - Bass, cello & flutes
Nick Young - Guitar/Sitar/Vocals
Davey Chegwidden - Percussion
Phoenix Rising

Enjoy some of these short video segments from some of the live Phoenix Rising Concerts

by Himalayan Master Yuan Miao & the Phoenix Rising band


Phoenix Guanyin Mantra

Himalayan Blessing

Divine Mother

Guan Shi Yin Pusa

Namo Sangha Ya

Prajna Paramita

“Yuan Miao’s mantric singing transcends any simple auditory experience. The beauty, resonance, and energy that she creates permeates every cell in your body. You can actually feel the love and compassion that comes from within the divine vibration of her music. Indeed, it’s a rare and extraordinary experience not to be missed!”
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