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The New Century Foundation (NCF) is committed to helping people experience spiritual awakening and achieve a balanced and joyful life. NCF offers a variety of healing and spiritual cultivation programs that are both empowering and transcendental. These programs reconnect individuals to their original, primordial state of consciousness from which compassion, wisdom and joy arise. We welcome you joining our mission to elevate the collective consciousness of humanity, and to dance with the spirit of "Phoenix Rising."

Yoga of Joy & Vajra Wind Breathwork

Yoga of Joy & Vajra Wind Breathwork

Reconnecting us to our Inner Nature &
awakening our full human potential

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The Sacred Art of Yuan Miao

The Sacred Art of
Yuan Miao

"I am a free color scheme outside the circle of painters; I am a free voice outside the circle of musicians; I live in the realm of water: flowing into the eyes I am a painting; flowing into the ears I am an improvised chant; flowing into the heart I am love." - Yuan Miao

Yuan Miao was born in Mainland China and bears the venerated spiritual heritage of Zen and Himalayan Dakinis. Her grandmother raised and initiated her into the Himalayan Dakini tradition precious to Esoteric Buddhist practitioners. Yuan Miao emphasizes creation and cultivation of direct, spiritual experience, and embodies the wisdom of esoteric teachings, mantric healing sounds and spontaneous forms of energy transmission. She is devoted to spreading the universal motherly love of Guanyin throughout the world. She is the source of Wisdom of Joy teachings, including the Yoga of Joy. She established the New Century Foundation in the U.S. to bridge the ancient wisdom of the East with the modern technological lifestyle of the West. She is the prolific author of numerous mantric CDs, DVDs and books, including her inspirational autobiography, On the Wings of Phoenix Rising and Grandma’s Heavenly Writings, which includes teachings and transmissions received directly from her grandmother and celestial masters. She transmits Wisdom of Joy teachings and sacred healing sounds at various events, workshops, and mantric concerts throughout Asia and the U.S.
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From the depths of suffering Yuan Miao
has emerged as a beacon of light, empathy,
and love. In these difficult times of chaotic discord,
putting oneself into the presence of her mantras,
her art, and her wise words brings great
comfort and peace.

Christopher Key Chapple
Director, Master of Arts in Yoga Studies
Loyola Marymount University

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Profound global changes are rapidly unfolding
before our eyes. Yuan Miao offers ancient, esoteric
wisdom teachings, clear guidance, and auspicious
"tools" to uplift us during these transitional and
chaotic times from which the New Earth will arise.

Helen Lavretsky, M.D.
Professor of Psychiatry, UCLA

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Shall we possess joy, or shall we be entangled
in mundane suffering? Indeed the future of
humankind actually rests in our own hands.

Yuan Miao

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On the Wings of Phoenix Rising
by Yuan Miao


On the Wings of Phoenix Rising gives us an awe-inspiring glimpse into the delight of Existence, the Joy of the Cosmos. The author, Yuan Miao, also reveals how, as a very small child, she almost unknowingly and even casually accepted her spiritual life-mission directly from Guanyin.

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Such mantric sounds carry transcendent mystical powers. Set aside your music listener’s ears, attune with open heart to Yuan Miao’s mantric sounds. You are going on a journey of vibrations that can have a salubrious effect on your body, mind, and spirit.

Light Primordial CD


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Raised by and initiated into the Himalayan Dakini lineage common to both Newari Hinduism and Esoteric Buddhism by her grandmother, Yuan Miao embodies the wisdom of esoteric Tantric teachings. This book is a hidden treasure for those who seek to uplift humanity, elevate their own consciousness and usher in an enlightened New Earth.

GRANDMAS'S Heavenly Writings
Preparing for New Earth


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